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Remote restart of Router !

By mail.aakash ·
I have a Dlink GLB-502T Adsl 2+ Router. My ISP requires me to restart the Router at 12am and 8 am respectively, because between 12 and 8 they provide unlimited downloads which is otherwise limited to 1 gb Per month. Is ther any tool or Software that can be scheduled to restart the router automatically ? Or can this router be programmed through the Telnet Interface to do so..?...please Help!!

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by richard-butler In reply to Remote restart of Router ...

Does it have a Reload command? If so do a "reload at HH:MM" I don't know if you router has that but Cisco does.

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by mail.aakash In reply to Remote restart of Router ...

no It does not have the reload command on its web interface....It has a restart radio button on its web interface ..but one has to click on that manually to restart the more suggestions...plz help

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by izmr In reply to Remote restart of Router ...

Hi, i only have had experience doing what u want, with linksys wireless routers, especially the wrt54g model, from hardware version 4 and below...if u upload a third party firmware like dd-wrt, u will have lots, i mean LOTS of more funtions, included programmed restarts...hope this little comment, helps u a bit....greetings from M?xico ? feel free to ask me ???

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Remote restart of Router ...

If the last answer doesn't work or suit your needs there is the easy alternative of putting the router on a Timer Switch that turns it off and back on again at preset times.

I know that it's a dirty solution but I think that may be your only solution to this requirement from your ISP. Here the Kambrook Digital Timers can be set to as little as 30 seconds between turn off and restarts with up to 8 of these per day that can be programed in and they have a Battery Backup to allow for a loss of mains power.

If you use this you'll need to remember just to have the router connected to the timer.


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by munishv In reply to Remote restart of Router ...

download this Telnet Scripting tool file written by Albert Yale and unzip to have tst10.exe file

write reboot.bat file having (1 lines):
tst10.exe /r:reboot.txt

write reboot.txt with following (having 7 line): 23
WAIT "BusyBox on localhost login:"
SEND "root\m"
WAIT "Password:"
SEND "admin\m"
WAIT "#"
SEND "kill 1\m"

Many people suggest to use "reboot\m",but I found that "kill 1\m" works fine for me. Change ip address, username and password (shown above are default as per factory setting on modem).

Have the 3 files in same directory and run command reboot.bat will reboot your modem because it log in modem via telnet and reboot the modem. You can then schedule you script with microsoft task sheduler using start > program > accessories > systemtools >scheduled task to run at required time

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My router

by Nokoff In reply to

Hi there, been looking at this thread and I thought maybe you could help. I also need to reboot my router remotely, and I'd like to do it via telnet. My router is a Planet though. Any ideas on how to get it working?

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