Remote Router Administration

By reynaldo28garcia ·
I have 2 dealerships and and collection floor that I manage - how can I remote access my other routers that are accross town from my desk in my office - I've got public ip address's for each router.......nest question is: Is there software that I can install that will do this for me.....

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I suggest don't do it

by Slayer_ In reply to Remote Router Administrat ...

Otherwise please post the IP address so we can hammer the crap out of your router till we get access, then access your network and start giving ourselves deals.

If you want to do this task, I suggest using computer routers (specially build systems, usually running Nix, that serve as routers) or set up a workstation with public remote desktop access and remote into that desktop and use that remote connection to configure routers. At least this way you have some extra measure of control depending on the remote desktop software you use. For example, one that says only a computer with this MAC address can connect, would be fairly secure.

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