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Remote Service Pack Installation using TS

By mikefunk-4413044 ·
I've been looking for the answer to this for hours and can't seem to find anything definitive.

What's the gotcha's surrounding the installation of Win2k Server Service Packs using a TS session in Remote Administration mode? I vaguely remember Microsoft saying it wasn't supported, and then it was fixed in SPx...

Regardless, I have 12 remote Win2k DC's that need updated from SP2 to SP4... I inherited them, so save the mean comments for the person who isn't here any longer. ;-)

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Don't do it.

by dafe2 In reply to Remote Service Pack Insta ...

hehe I just noticed your

Eight Reasons not to upgrade a DC without being there in person at the console:

1- Will
2- ****
3- up
4- in
5- your
6- face
7- for
8- sure

Especially with a service pack. Read Microsoft Q article "50 ways to lose your Server"

....couldn't resist. Now I'll have that song in my head all night. hehe

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I think...

by Sc00by_UK In reply to Remote Service Pack Insta ...

That you need to enable installs by administrators from remote Desktops in group policy (you certainly do in Win2k3)

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The smart way to do it

by scottsman In reply to Remote Service Pack Insta ...

Download the updates to each machine using TS.
use scheduler to launch the install from a command line using the appropriate switch. I do not remeber them off the top of my head but in a command window type name of the executable ie: sp4.exe /? and that will show you the switches.
This will allow them to install without the problems that using TS can cause.

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