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Remote session locks too frequently

By lmayeda ·
I have several users connecting to a remote 2003 server. One of the users has complained that when he is idle for 7-8 minutes (he timed it), the session self-locks. While it is easy enough for him to login again, it gets a bit tiring when it happens 10 times a day. The power option on the Windows 2003 server is set to 30 minutes and the power option on his local PC is set to NEVER. Am I missing a parameter somewhere. The other users on the same network connecting to the same TS server are not having this issue.

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by Garret` In reply to Remote session locks too ...

Have you checked group policy setting for locking machines? Or that the screen saver for this user is not set to password protect, on resume? That is at least a setting that would change from user to user.

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by Garret` In reply to

"This user does not have a screen saver"

Is that on the Server or his local PC?

Does the user TS into the server with his own user name? If so can he check that the screen saver options on the SERVER is not set to come on after 7-8 minutes and if it is not password protected?

I only suggest this as I have the same problem when I use TS to access my servers and it's solved by changing the screen saver options.

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by lmayeda In reply to Remote session locks too ...

Thanks for the response. I have not checked the group policy, not sure if I have access to it. I would think that if it is part of the group policy then the other remote users would be complaining too. This user does not have a screen saver, in fact, the REMOTE SESSION is locked WHILE he is actively working on his local PC. It is only the remote session that is idle. The terminal services configuration is set to "End a disconnected session" after 5 minutes, but in this case, the session is not disconnected ... simply idle. The user logs back onto the remote session and can continue where he left off.

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