Remote shutdown for Server 2003

By michael.carr ·
Hi I'm trying to shutdown Server 2003 (a few deferent types) by my Desktop in the office however when I try I get a "Access is denied."

The command I use is "shutdown /s /m \\computername /t 90"

This is a test for a *.bat file I'm working on so if there's a blackout for to long the servers will be shutdown, we already have the UPS up and running we just need something to shutdown the others.

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Re: Remote shutdown for Server 2003

by michael.carr In reply to Remote shutdown for Serve ...

I found that I needed to be login as the domain Administrator for the command to work, but if anyone knows how to get around it without being login as the admin please I'd like to know

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Can restart from Manage Computer

by steven.taylor In reply to Re: Remote shutdown for S ...

You don't need the command prompt. But you do need to have the correct rights on the machine you will restart, usually domain admin.

1. Log in with domain admin (or equivalent rights).
2. Go to My Computer > Manage
3. From Action > connect to another computer. Enter computer name
4. Right click on Computer Management > Properties
5. Click on Advanced Tab, then Settings button
6. Click Shutdown. From here you have several options, such as log off current user, shut down, restart, power down, etc...

I know of no way to get around the security permissions built into windows xp or 2003.

Hope that helps.

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The sysinternals psexec

by Dumphrey In reply to Re: Remote shutdown for S ...

toy will let you run batch/script/exes as a specific user on a list or remote machines. The file remains as a schedule/batch on the local machine so no passwords in the "open" as it were unless some ones sniffing on the wire while you actually use the bat.

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Auto shutdown, or remote shutdown?

by Grey Hat Geek In reply to Re: Remote shutdown for S ...

The psexec suggestion was a good one, but am I understanding correctly? You want the batch file to stay on the server, and only execute when the power is off for a certain period of time......and you want the batch file to execute automatically without you using a program like psexec remotely? Is that correct?

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whatever method

by lowlands In reply to Re: Remote shutdown for S ...

you choose, you'll have to present admin priviliges to the server you're trying to shut down.

from batch, I think you can try doing <b>net use \\server\IPC$ adminpwd /user:adminuser</b> or present it on the command line of psexec as mentioned in another post. You can also open cmd with the runas command

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Remote shutdown for Server 2003

by hrum In reply to Remote shutdown for Serve ...

For remote shutdown try to use <a href="" title="Network Shutdown Tool">Network Shutdown Tool</a>. I'm using this program. You can shutdown, reboot, wake up a group of network computers.

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