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I am currently working for a small business that is trying to share a database between the main office and a "remote site". The site is only 200-300 yards away and in the past they had owned the building inbetween the main office and the branch office.
They used to have a business class line into the main office, fiber to the next door shop, and an antenea on top of that shop to get signal to the branch office accross the street. However they recently sold that shop and now no longer have any line of site to the branch office, which was a big problem because that's how that office connected to the internet.

After calling a bunch of ISP's I finally got them set up with hughesnet.(only option, TWCNY will not go on that side of the street and no one can even supply DSL, T1 could do it but we can't do $500 a month for 2 PC's).

So now they can access the internet however they need to be able to access a server we have running here to view/update a parts inventory/number system. I tried setting up a client vpn so they could do that but it won't work with Hughesnet (and yes it is hughesnet causing the problem I can VPN in find from both home and using a verizonwireless card). It fails everytime at "Attempting to connect to remote server". My only explination for this is the hughesnet "modem" functions as both modem and router (I have no idea why) and as far as I can tell completly unconfigurable for anyone other then Hughesnet, and of course it is using the 192.168.1.X addressing(same as our network here)so it starts to make the VPN connection then gets confused as to where to look for the actual VPN server. I can't call Hughesnet because the "won't support and VPN problems".

Finally the questions:

1(and most prefered): any one know of a way to regain wireless connectivity between the two buildins so we can just get rid of hughesnet(theres no way we can get a lines of site again, the building they used to own is at least 30' taller then everything else) with out a line of site.

2:Does anyone know of a way to configure the hughesnet router/modem to use a different ip address scheme.

3:If I ever manage to get the client VPN to work is it possible to set up a site to site VPN between them using a PIX501 on one side and a SBS2003 server on the other(I can only work with what they already have).

4: Does anyone have other ideas?

Thanks for any help, and sorry for being so long winded I just didn't want to miss anything. but let me know if I did.

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Can you rent the link to the next building?

by 1bn0 In reply to Remote Site Solution

From the current owner.

See if you can negotiate to keep using the link you already had.

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Where we Work

by mamies In reply to Remote Site Solution

I don't know if this would be a viable solution but we paid a telco to create us a private link so that we are able to browse the network in the remote location and visa versa.

It makes sense for us because the two offices are 200 Miles apart.

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