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Good day,

I'm looking for a solution to deploy and manage remote sites. We need to connect with an Access Point to an already existent router and be able to remotely manage those APs.
I already tried Ubiquiti and Tp-Link Omada solutions and they both work great. My concern, however, is that if by any reason the router (which I have no control over) reboots/goes offline/etc the AP stops at once from emanating the WIFI signal until the router gets back online, while it is vital that even with no internet access, the AP wifi lan keeps working normally, so that some handheld devices keep comunicating between them.
From my understandings I would need a gateway to be connected between the Router and the AP, but that would result in a way too complicated scenario.

The question is: do you know any kind of product able to keep transmitting the wifi signal without the need of an external gateway?
Please remember that I cannot access the configuration of the router and the AP needs to be easly remotely managed.

Thank you very much,

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