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Remote support for the small business

By Matrixcsl ·

We would like some help please. We have a small IT company in the UK and would like to provide remote support for our customers, most of which have dial-up/broadband connections.

We are aware of PC Anywhere as a tool, but are their any FREE/CHEAP solutions to enable us to gain access to our clients PC's? Does any version of Windows have a built-in tool we can use?

Would be grateful for advice/suggestions. The aim is to provide this support cost-effecively making it attractive to the customer.


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Not free but..

by wtgroup In reply to Remote support for the sm ...

take a look at

Sinlge lic. is $35 last time I looked. They have other options, one of which is a helpdesk vesion where the clients only get the server and not the client. Not sure of the multi-lic pricing.

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XP has the Remote Desktop Option

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Remote support for the sm ...

That is usable across a intra-net or internet but it wouldn't be my first option particularly if there are any security issues involved.


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by Philtempleton In reply to Remote support for the sm ...

Goto You will have to make a donation for comercial use.


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Or you could look at the adds on the TR site

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Remote support for the sm ...
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GotoMyPC and VNC

by TomSal In reply to Or you could look at the ...

Well first off we use 4 methods for remote connections - VNC, GotomyPC, VPN and Remote Assistance (built into XP).

Our department (IT) is on the first floor, our main operations happen on the second floor so on our LAN we use VNC a lot to remotely administer stations on the second floor, helps save us the trouble of running up and down stairs all day long.

Now you are mentioning a scenario of supporting clients outside of your company (and your corporate LAN).

We have Sales people that work remotely from home and we have an afterhours staff (because for an added fee we promise our customers a 24/7 support staff) and they also have offices from their home or work on the go with laptops.

Gotomypc is good and relatively cheap solution for lightweight remote connections that aren't of a critical security issue. Let me make this clear -- because the gotomypc folks will sell you the service under the terms that it is secure...IT IS NOT SECURE! The only security that happens on a GotomyPC is at the application (Web Browser) level, it secures the "handshake" (for lack of better wording) with SSL 128 bit....HOWEVER the connection itself that is the actually communication path the data is traveling is no more secure than a basic LAN connection.

So if you want remote connections and security is a concern for you...go with VPN. The other options are much easier to get up and running, but VPN rules them all in terms of security. Remember the entire "path" is secured with VPN (hence the term "tunneling", you are communicating through a PRIVATE tunnel).

Assuming your company knows enough to have purchased a hardware firewall solution that is at least half decent, even if only a few hundred to just around $1,000...its VERY popular these days for firewalls to include VPN ability, in fact its harder to find a business grade firewall that DOES NOT offer VPN than it is the other way around.

So you may own the "solution" already and not even know it -- check out your firewall hardware, look at its documentation.

Hope this helps.


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