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Remote Support Software by techrepublic.

By jamieb123 ·
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I know I could download the trial software and muck around trying to test the software ability to perform its task. But I do not want to be faced with a diabolical situation of having to reconfigure my modem IP addresses etc. To find out that it falls short of its capabilities. So can you tell me simply. Does the software on installation require me to reconfigure my DSL Broadband modem configuration? Likewise what is required for my remote clients modem configurations? Does it support modems configured with DHCP? How much post setup is required to actual make everything run smoothly.

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What software are you talking about?

by Ron K. In reply to Remote Support Software b ...

TechRepublic offers software downloads and links to software but TR doesn't actually support it. For that you need to go to the software company's website.

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I have to concur with the above poster

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Remote Support Software b ...

What Software are you asking about here?

Here is a result of Remote Support Software doing a TR Site Search but that doesn't mean that it's on this list.


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Remote Support Software by techrepublic.

by jamieb123 In reply to Remote Support Software b ...

Sorry for the absent of mind and not actually reporting the software name. Its called gotoassist express. I went to the site and tried to get some sense of how it actually operated and if it supported dsl modems and broadband but the information was very limited. To my knowledge the only way to be able to do this is to set the modem to the physical IP address of your computer. This is not always to the costumer liking especially if they share the modem with other family members with laptops or wireless devices. Another way is to use a tunneling technique which is for the security conscious very dubious. If anyone has any more information on this product or could suggest a product that is secure and doesn't offer a backdoor to half the hackers in the world I would be most appreciative. I don't mind fiddling with my own modem settings but when you goof around with clients modems especially when there is such a diversity of modems out there with custom internet providers settings. Its not much fun when you accidentally brick or have to restore the factory default settings.

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Remote Support Software by techrepublic.

by jamieb123 In reply to Remote Support Software b ...

The software in question is GOTOASSIST EXPRESS.
Since my post I have read the other post on techrepublic with regards to remote access. I inadvertently crossed communicated on a subject that has already been quite thoroughly discussed. The issues covered were what I was currently already aware of that is why I thought maybe that on receiving the email from techrepublic with regards to GOTOASSIST EXPRESS that a resolution to this on going problem was found. I am just tired of downloading and testing potential software that claim to solve or resolve a solution to find out that it falls short of its claims and only does half of what is expected. This is why I put forward my post which I failed to explain myself properly. Again sorry to all concerned.

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Oh. I see.

by seanferd In reply to Remote Support Software b ...

After reading your last 2 posts.

It is quite widely used by professionals. When it is not in use, one can simply disallow others from connecting to their computer remotely. Oddly enough, this setting is usually On in most Windows installations...

I don't think the security of this application and method is terribly problematic. But you could certainly start a new post asking how others here feel about the security and any configuration issues you have regarding this. Be sure to include "GoToAssist", "Security", and something about the networking configuration you question in the subject line, and also in the tags.


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