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remote support

By sbrown ·
We are looking to offer our customers remote support. The word shoestring does play a part, but we are looking for a method where if we had a link or emialed the link to our client they clicked it, or enter a code we can then take over control.

Can anyone recommend the ideal solution to do this?

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Sounds like malware

by stress junkie In reply to remote support

It sounds like you want to do something naughty. The specifications that you provided could accurately describe a Trojan.

If your request is legitimate then I would recommend that you forget about taking control of your clients' computers for any reason. I would never allow my vendors to do that. There's too much potential for problems. Nobody with any grasp of security would ever allow this.

If your request is not legitimate then I'd say nice try but hit the road.

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remote support

by sbrown In reply to remote support

Of course it is legitimate! Many companies offer remote support, including BT broadband services (look at their special offers page) To be able to set up a printer or help out the client, without having to attend site and reduce the costs of maintenance.

Can anyone suggest a package besides pcanywhere.


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Remote Support

by Honu425 In reply to remote support

You could/should use Remote Desktop or WebEx. WebEx will function exactly as you desire.

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Remote support

by gpastorelli In reply to remote support

pcAnywhere, VNC (free), Remote Desktop. There's numerous ways to implement remote support. the "backdoor" type way will just put more liability on you, one incident where that link is mis-used and some companies may want to hold you/your company liable for damage.

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Sounds like a job for VNCScan

by sbostedor In reply to remote support

Sounds like a job for VNCScan ...

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Web-based Remote Support Tool

by stanemte In reply to remote support

I've been looking over the net in search of a decent tool to remotely access technical support. I've found some: LogMeIn, iRemotePC, WebEx (VERY costly -- $175/month!). At last I've come across a web-based tool by the name of Techinline Remote Desktop -- It works just great. You'll only need an internet connection and a browser. No need to install anything on your pc. And right away you'll have a ready-to-use remote desktop access environment.

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Remote Support

by jayfreed In reply to remote support

We signed up for Instant Housecall ( after trying every single piece of remote support software out there -- including Webex. Right price, right features, easy to use.

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