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Remote Tech Support

By alxcsby ·
I want to posit a hypothetical situation-
You have a central office that houses your current technical support team. You have a team of three technical analysts. You are required to support your central office and 7 remote offices. These remote offices are scattered across your city, surrounding cities, and outside your state. Let's say you have roughly 300 non-technical employees.

At current, your techs have a "standard" set up: phones, and a ticket assignment program.
This is great for when something is on fire, but how would you deal with preventive maintenance?
Do you trust your non-technical employees to be ever vigilant?
Do you schedule site visits?

I just want to know what you all think about that kind of situation.
I personally lean towards the site visits, but that's an awfully bulky scenario for a small department with a relatively large user base. With the current focus on effectiveness and efficiency, I'd be amazed if there weren't some people out there with a degree of expertise on all this.

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Batch files

by tmalo627 In reply to Remote Tech Support

Write batch files for what you can and schedule the tasks. If all users are members of the same domain, set a group policy preventing users from shutting down their PC's so your schedule can run as planned. Use a batch file to shut down the PC's if so desired.

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Remote Sites

by Chris029 In reply to Remote Tech Support

If you need to technically logon to the remote pc's - are you all on the same network? How do your remote sites access the internet? If you are interested in preventive maintenance and you would like controll of the pc while you work you could use a service like gotomypc, or if you have a vpn between sites you could use products like vnc to remote in. If you need automated or less hands on there are freebee's like Purgos which is like SMS Light. Also there is SMS, but that can be costly. Spiceworks is a freebee that will give you good control over what is going on and help with the event logs, inventory, etc. If you dont have vpn and just internet connections at each site, citrix or paid service like gotomypc might be helpful. Group policy for maintenance would also be an idea, but it all comes down to how do your offices connect? That would be the main theme that needs to be answered.

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Don't forget the physical preventive maintenance

by NickNielsen In reply to Remote Tech Support

That is, the cleaning.

Coordinate with the remote offices to task somebody to clean around the machines and maybe even suck the dust out of the air vents in the cases.

I've had a rash of PCs giving intermittent failures lately. The only thing I could find wrong with any of the systems was the dust blanket covering the air intake. Just cleaning the systems out has (so far) eliminated the problems.

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Getting the pc's off the floor

by jdclyde In reply to Don't forget the physical ...

People have a hard time with the simple concept that there is more dust/dirt at foot level than on your desk.

Get the PC off the floor.

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Depends on the work environment

by NickNielsen In reply to Getting the pc's off the ...

Since "what's not seen don't get clean", I'd rather the PCs were visible (next to, rather than under, desks). They get cleaned more often that way.

Most retail outlets are constantly dusting the product on the shelf/rack; you've been on the shop floor and know how much dust there is there. In both cases, all that dust gets moved around and lands somewhere. If something is sucking air through small apertures, dust will collect there, no matter how high or low the box is.

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We do a thorough cleaning

by TonytheTiger In reply to Remote Tech Support

when we do physical inventory once a year, and spot check on every site visit.

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