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    remote temperature monitoring product


    by williamchutney ·

    Hey guys,

    My question is regarding temperature tracking technology.

    My family runs a catering company and keeping food cold is vital, this has lead me to research all the technology involved in wireless temperature monitoring.

    There is surprisingly a lot of temperature tech out there.

    My research was primarily done on

    hard to trust anyone however, so does anyone have any experience with remote temperature monitoring technology ?

    Thanks in advance

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      Wireless Temperature Sensor

      by kruger45 ·

      In reply to remote temperature monitoring product

      Wireless temperature sensors are one of the nice technology to which use Digi Mesh protocol which has the ability to work with wireless sensor network with just 2AA batteries and with the help of plug and play features you can also send the data to various IoT platforms also.

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      Recommended Monitors

      by brandon v ·

      In reply to remote temperature monitoring product

      Hey William,

      I came across your question after doing my own research and testing for our walk-in cooler at our restaurant. We just needed something inexpensive without subscription fees that would send us alerts right away if there was any issues.

      We ended up testing the Temp Stick and Sensor Push monitors. Most manufacturers try and sell you a monitor with a subscription fee that’s paid monthly. But be warned that it’s not necessary to use a model with a subscription, and it will get too expensive. There are plenty of reliable options on the market at the moment that don’t have any recurring fees, including the two products I just mentioned.

      If I had to go with one device, I would choose the Temp Stick because it has Wi-Fi built into the unit. Whereas, the Sensor Push requires a gateway device to connect to Wi-Fi. The setup is just smoother, with less equipment. However, they were both reliable and accurate for our needs.

      It was this guide that sold us on the two models.

      You can get the Temp Stick on Amazon for $149 but it’s actually cheaper if you go direct on their website ($139) at

      Hope that helps!


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      Wireless Remote Temperature Monitoring System

      by alexanealessia ·

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      There are so many providers of wireless monitoring sensors for home and business at a cheap price but they don’t deliver the best quality sensor. Firstly you check the quality of the sensor after checking the quality you buy sensors. I am using the Ubibot wireless temperature sensor at home for monitoring environmental conditions.

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