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    by iokten ·

    I have client who wants to connect to his office computer from his home computer and send or recive client files to and from remotely. I set up his LAN in the office.Would anyone cen recommend how I can connect his home computer to his office?
    His office LAN is a wireless, very basic LAN using WindowsXP. Is is good enough or do I need a WAN for this?

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      by maxwell edison ·

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      GoToMyPC is a service that not only costs money, about $20 a month, but it compromises your security, at least in my opinion. Some of us try to keep GoToMyPC blocked because it allows users unauthorized access from various remote sites, and it turns control of a computer over to some third-party provider. GoToMyPC is a real “four-letter” word to a lot of network administrators, at least I would think so. (I specifically have GoToMyPC blocked from accessing my network.)

      Your best route would be to setup a simple VPN — either hardware or software (or both). And you have a lot of VPN options from which to choose, depending on what you have/need.

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      by oz_media ·

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      I agree with Max that Goto My pc is not very welcome in most organizations.

      I have used a couple of similar tools though that are a little nicer, AdRem software has a few nice offerings, Remote Administrator etc. that are quite secure on networks, I used it for a couple of client sites I would monitor remotely, but a VPN with good security would be a better choice.

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      by yornthadude ·

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      must agree with these fellows. Try a program like “symantec pc anywhere” and get the data encrypted.

      Best is to use good old fashion phone line though…

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      by matt falla ·

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      I have a router which incorporates a firewall, adsl modem and four port switch into one device. With this i use remote administration software (free) from, configure the firewall on the router to allow exceptions on the ports that Realvnc uses, and connect directly to my pc/server from anywhere all via internet explorer.

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