Remote Web Workplace and print queues

By jswinberlin ·
I've been using Remote Web Workplace from a Windows XP Pro Client to a 2003 Small Business Server.

All is well, with one small anoyance.

It seems that when printing to the client computer is enabled, the connection or server connects to all printers on the client machine, sending what appears to be a print job and deleting it.

The problem is, when there are print drivers installed for printers that are not connected at the time of the RDC it results in hundreds or thousands of print jobs piling up in the queue that eventually have to be deleted.

Has anyone seen this? Is there a resolution?

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RWW and Print Queues

by peter In reply to Remote Web Workplace and ...

Hi. We have the same proble - did you find a solution?


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No solution, guess it's never going to be resolved

by jswinberlin In reply to RWW and Print Queues

I can't believe that with all of the 2003 Small Business Servers out there more occurances haven't been reported and no solutions have been offered.

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by timwalsh In reply to Remote Web Workplace and ...

1. Are you using RWW to connect to the SBS server? If so, why aren't you just using RDP straight to the server vs. going through RWW? It would be interesting to see if you get the same problem when only using a straight RDP session instead of going through RWW.

2. It sounds like you have printers defined on your client computer, that aren't connected or don't exist. Is this because the computer is mobile (or is there some other reason)? Is this an issue of having printers defined for several locations, so that only certain printers are connected at any given time, or is this an issue of having the computer on the road, and sometimes having no printers connected?

3. Do these print jobs show in the queue of only specific printers, of only those printers that are defined, but aren't connected, or on all printers?

4. Does the queue give any indication of the source or contents of these 'phantom' print jobs? This might give some idea of the process that is causing the problem.

5. Have you updated all the print drivers to the latest version (on both the local and remote computers)?

6. Are both Windows XP and SBS 2003 updated with the latest Service Packs?

7. Are you using SBS 2003 or SBS 2003 R2?

For the record, I've been using and/or administering/supporting RWW since it first appeared with SBS 2003, and haven't run into the problem you describe.

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