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Remote workgroup not available

By Chops ·
Ok here we go:

I have two different segements joined by a vpn tunnel. Segment A and Segment B Segment A has a wins server running. Which all pc's on A and B point to that Wins server. Win2k Enviremnet. Netbios over TCP/IP enabled. All pc's adapters are set to Hybrid.

1)The problem I am having is that I cannot see the remote segment in Network Neighborhood in either A or B.

What I can do:

1) I can access any remote pc using UNC.
2) I can use a scanner util, to scan the other
segment which gives me the (pc name,usr name
,wrkgrp name,host name) all netbios info
can be seen.
3) Manually add a remote pc to the nethood folder
so it can be seen in the network neighborhood.
I can access once in.
4) All pc's on A and B r registerd in the Wins
Server on A.
5) There are Master Browsers on both A and B.

What I cant do:
1) When viewing a remote pc on a diff segment I cannot see the workgroup of that pc..
Getting error
(The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available

I can do everything else ohter than, view the remoter workgroup??

Iam sure the ports are open on both routers, because I get the netbios info of all pc' on the remote segment??

Iam tapped on this one guys, I need help !

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