Remotely accessing a security camera setup from a PC

By mctazman2 ·
Has anyone ever done anything like this before? I have an 8 channel camera setup with a DVR that I would like to access while away from the shop. DVR mfg says it can be done but I sure am not able to with their directions.

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On a PC?

by Fred123456 In reply to Remotely accessing a secu ...

Is the camera currently using the PC for control and storage? Or is this a seperate unit that has the ability to stream via a video out port?

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What exactly do you want to do access all 8 Video Feeds

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Remotely accessing a secu ...

Or chose which Video feed to access remotely?

This is the first question that you need to ask and then set about configuring the system to support your needs which could be very involved or quite simple depending on exactly what it is that you wish to do. A simple off site storage in case of robbery is easy to achieve but to look in real time through a specific camera is much more involved.


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DVR with Network Function

by k9capsule In reply to Remotely accessing a secu ...

Yes, It is possible, there are DVR unit with network function. Such as this 8 channel one.

you just connect the DVR with an Ethernet cable to your network (router) and then setup the DVR so that it has a IP address. For a router, you will need to allow port forwarding to access over the internet.

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