Remotely view an end-user's Internet History

By tphung949 ·
I would like to know how I can remotely check a user's Internet history file. Is there a way to check their Internet history without having to log in as them?

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by krayzplaya In reply to Remotely view an end-user ...

im assumin that u dont want them to know that ur checkin there history or that u dont know there password. either way there are ways around it like remote access trojan or crackin the password. thats all i could think of, either way i dont recommend doin any of that if they dont want u on there. or maybe wit admin rights u might be able to check???

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Network Admin?

by Churdoo In reply to Remotely view an end-user ...

If you have appropriate rights on the network that you both are on, you can browse to their local hidden C-drive share, browse to their %userprofile%, and browse to Local Settings / History.

Local Firewall or lack of appropriate rights may stop you along the way.

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If you're still interested or haven't found out yet

by jvdavis456 In reply to Network Admin?

Using a domain admin account go to Run and type:

This opens the C: drive of the remote machine so you'll need to know how to navigate to that users browser history from there. It varies depending on the version of Windows your company is using.

I'm not sure if there are certain IIS services required for this to work.

The "computername" can be substituted with the IP address of the machine.

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When you say 'remotely' do you mean over the LAN or over the Internet?

by robo_dev In reply to Remotely view an end-user ...
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user's folder unaccessable?

by shawn In reply to Remotely view an end-user ...

Do you have permissions on the folder?

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