Removable disk.exe

By amos89 ·
Ok this virus is called removable disk.exe.
when i start the computer it boots well until i log in then after a few seconds it brings an error message with a window written flash disk. the error is "Your computer has affacted and damages a virus scan and is now shut down" the it shuts down.
In the affected flash disk it creates a disk called removable disk. the flash appears to have its original content because the files are visible from the antivirus scanner.
i tried formating the flash disk but it failed. My affected computers are dell laptop win xp sp2 and ibm 8320-a6j with win xp sp2

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Removable disk.exe

by zinaw.zeleke In reply to Removable disk.exe

I just had same problem with one computer. I found the file (Removeable Disk.exe) added under the startup list of the User profile.

So, I logged into the PC with another user profile (admin) and deleted the file from the below path and the problem was fixed.

C:\Documents and Settings\the-actual-User-Name\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

I hope it will help,

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help for removableDisk.exe virus

by mcdermojb In reply to Removable disk.exe

I am no computer expert but I just dealt with a very similar virus. My flash was infected from a public computer. All original files are lost and replaced by a file called removableDisk.exe. If you are supid enough to try and open/run this file (and I was) it will infect your computer and it will now infect any flash you connect to the computer. If you try and delete the file it return; if you try and format the flash it fail An up to date Norton antivirus package does not detect the virus, let alone clean it. I used System Restore in XP to roll back to a restore point before infection and that cleaned the virus off my computer. I then plugged in the infected disks and reformatted without opening them. This time the reformat worked. No residual effects--my fingers are crossed

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