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Removable USB Hard Disk not recognised in Explorer or Disk Management

By humsuplor ·
I specifically joined the community to help others who many encounter this problem.


I have a Toshiba MK6025GAS external USB hard disk housed in a plastic hard disk case with two logical drives E: and F: both 30GB in size.

My Toshiba Satellite A50 laptop uses XP SP2.


For some spontaneous reason, when plugging the device into the USB port, it does not Autorun and the drive letter do not appear in Explorer nor Disk Management although it recognises the device as an external USB device.


Unscrew the housing screws, remove the front face plate connector, slide out the HD. Rejoin the connector to the HD, slide back into the cover and screw back.


Loose connections. I removed the HD to confirm the make and model. I re-connected the face and plugged into the PC and it works!

I noticed the HD is 'held' by the front connnector and as I tend to store it vertically in my laptop case suspect the weight of the HD prised itself from the face connector.


After racking my brains contemplating the loss of data and deciding ways to fix the problem without re-installing XP or altering device and BIOS settings found in the end a very basic problem and solution.

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Excellent troubleshooting

by NickNielsen In reply to Removable USB Hard Disk n ...

You have, of course, changed the storage orientation of the drive enclosure?

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Same problem

by shuja52 In reply to Excellent troubleshooting

Whether USB Plugin icon appears?
You have USB HDD? or have a casing for other interface HDD, it generally happens with low quality casing specially with scsi HDD in the USB casing.
Or the HDD need to be replaced,

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Same Problem, same solution: Samsung Portable Hard Drive TRY THIS FIRST!

by pressleydavid In reply to Removable USB Hard Disk n ...


thanks for posting. i had been wracking my brain and searching for hours for a "software" solution. Came across your post at my wit's end, and wished it had been the first thing i had tried. Upon opening the casing, EVERY SCREW holding the drive to the casing and connectors was loose enough to allow the connectors to back by about 2-4mm or so. I never would have suspected a "hardware" issue. thanks for the info

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Reassemble External

by caminante In reply to Removable USB Hard Disk n ...

Thanks for this reply. I just disassembled and reassembled my ext. HD and it worked perfectly. Nothing appeared to be loose but, for some reason, now File Manager recognize my ext HD again! Thank you!

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Samsung Portable Hard Drive does not appear in Windows Explorer

by singhrames In reply to Removable USB Hard Disk n ...

Initially, this Portable Hard Drive gave me no problems. I created 2 partitions on it using Easeus Partition Master. I recently deleted these partitions using Windows Disk Managemant. Now, this drive does not appear in Windows Explorer, but is listed in Device Manager as "working properly". It also appears in Disk Management under Graphical View but not under Volume List.
Can somebody help?

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in disk management an unpartitioned disk will not have a drive letter . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Samsung Portable Hard Dri ...

right click on the black rectangle and select create partition
follow the prompts

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