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Removable USB HDD failure

By bastet ·
Recently I connected my USB Hitachi 40G removable Hard drive to another computer & it did not appear to be getting enough power from that USB port, so I disconnected it. When i tried to use it again at home, my computer would not bring up a volume or show it in My Computer. I cannot access it but it is there when I go to Safely Remove Hardware, but clicking on it does nothing.
I get the following error in it's properties
USB Device at location 0
I am running windows xp & had not trouble before.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Removable USB HDD failure

If the 5 VDC rail was low the MBR's will have been erased so you effectively have an blank drive.

Some of the following data recovery software may help you out but if you didn't have anything important that isn't easily replaceable on it all you need do is going Computer Management and format up the drive and it should be OK from there on. However if you need to recover any Data you'll need one of the following programs

My first choice would be EasyRecovery? Professional but it isn't cheap and I'm not overly sure just how well some of the other Data recovery Programs will work with a USB drive as you'll need to keep it clean and recover all the data to a different drive before transferring it back to the USB Drive.


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by smogmonster In reply to Removable USB HDD failure

Check that the drive is not trying to access a drive letter that is already in use. I've had the same problem with flash memory sticks and digital cameras plugged directly into the pc.

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by Craig321 In reply to Removable USB HDD failure

1) Right click on My Computer and choose Properties.
2) Click on the Device Manager tab.
3) Click on the '+' next to Disk Drives.
4) Double click on the Travelstar E entry (this may be a "Generic" entry or a drive model number).
5) Click on the Settings tab.
6) Place a check in the INT13 checkbox and make sure there is NO check in the Removable checkbox.
7) Click OK.

you can respond to me at

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by bastet In reply to Removable USB HDD failure

Thank you all for your replies, but I cannot "populate" under the "Volumes" tab in Device Manager - Disk Drives & I cannot either FIND or ACCESS the drive, it is named in the Device Manager hyroglyphics USB DRIVE ??? The characters are like chinese or greek characters NOT AN ACTUAL NAME ???

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by wlbowers In reply to Removable USB HDD failure

Go here and download the utility for dos to test a drive. Drive Fitness Test.

You will need a win98 boot floppy with fdisk on it.

Pull the drive from the usb caddy and install it as a master on the computer. It should be the only hard drive on the system.

Boot to the ibm drive fitness test disk that you made and run the recover bad sector test.

Once you have done that boot to the win98 disk and at the command prompt type:

fdisk /mbr

Now press enter. This will replace the master boot record.

Now reinstall the master and install the 40 gig as a slave. Once the computer is up and has recognized the drive you can verify that your files are on it. Now run check disk on the drive.

If everything goes ok you can install it back in the usb case and carry on.

Once a sector and or block gets corrupted xp will play you know what trying to mount it through the usb.

Food for thought. I always use an external supply for the full size usb drives.


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by jamesmondtan In reply to Removable USB HDD failure

Sound's like hardisk corrupt, or usb casing got problem. try use other casing and usb cable.
did the hardisk spin when u join it to the usb port?
try plug it into other usb port also.
i have 1 experience on usb. usb cable use to connect between digital camera with pc usb port. did not use the safely remove, then the digital camera cannot be detect. but after change the cable, it can be detect. strange, try it on.

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by pierrejamme In reply to Removable USB HDD failure

I have a 300GB Maxtor in an Ultra 31310 case on XP Pro SP2 that I could not see in Windows Explorer or in disk management. I arrive with the jumpers on Cable select. When I switched it to Master it was immediately avaialble to both.
Just a suggestion.

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