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Removal of temp files

By acshah007 ·
Hi All,

How to remove temp files from the system in WIn98 OS which gradually increases in size over a period of time and makes the computer slow down the line.

Thanks in advance.

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by tech_wiz03 In reply to Removal of temp files

You can manually go into windows/temp (of course you have to have show all files, hidden, system on) and delete everything there. repeat for the folder windows/internet_temp.

Clear the file cache from internet explorer using rightclick ie icon on destop and use properties then clear cache and clear history.

You can use adaware (free software) to remove ads other spyware.

Norton system works has a cleansweep program that does a fairly good job

Powerclean, cyberscrubber also do good jobs.

Registry on win98/ME/NT/2K/XP all get filled over time with garbage and dead links. you can manually edit the registry using a number of registry cleaners then choose to compact the registry. The smaller more precise the registry the faster windows will go.

You can use tweekui, x-teq, freshui to tweek/trim system performance to squeeze more power from you pc by getting rid of unsed unwanted stuff.


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by carlos.nino In reply to Removal of temp files

You can also go to My PC, and click properties on your C drive. There you'll see a graph showing the total/available/ocupied space in your drive and a button to free disk space. Click it and it will tell you how much space can be freed by erasing temporary files. You will also find that you can delete more stuff than just temporary files, like downloaded program files, temporal internet files, web pages without connection, and the trash bin.

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by Mark In reply to Removal of temp files

The other answers are correct. For spyware, use spybot as it works much better than Adaware. Get it from

Also, some programs leave tmp files behind in the wrong places. Goto Start, Search, Files or Folders, and search all hard drives for *.tmp. Delete anything found. If it can't delete one, it's probably being used. Sort by modified date and delete all the older ones.

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by jardinier In reply to Removal of temp files

It seems that many people have forgotten "File Manager," which was not replaced by "Windows Explorer," as each have their uses. File manager was only dropped when XP was introduced.
The first thing I do whenever I start work on a computer is to enter "Explore," click on "Windows" and scroll through until I come to an icon marked "winfile." Immediatley I drag this to the desktop and rename it "File Manager."

Open File Manager, highlight "C" and from File select Search. Type in *.tmp and away you go. This will very quickly bring up a list of tmp files which can then be deleted. Follow the same procedure with any other hard drives which may be present. This method works a lot more quickly than "Find files or folders," and shows a whole screen at a time. Click left mouse on the first tmp file listed, then, while holding down "shift" key, click on the last tmp file visible. This will highlight all files in between. Just select "delete all." Repeat this until all tmp files have been deleted.

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by TheChas In reply to Removal of temp files

Just a side comment, unless your hard drive is nearly full, the temp files do NOT have a major impact on system performance.

What slows W98 down over time, is that the registry grows in size and takes up more system resources.

The 'best' fix, is to wipe the Windows files, and start over.

You can get some relief by running one of the registry cleaning tools such as Norton Win Doctor or V-Com Fix-It.

Every time you install or remove software or hardware, some extra registry keys get left behind.

It is a good idea to check for a video driver update if you have upgraded to IE6, or DirectX 9.
If your video driver does NOT support DirectX 9, you could have problems with both IE 6 and DirectX on a W98 system.

Finally, too much RAM can slow down a W98 system. I have seen W98 boxes slow to a crawl when RAM was increased to 512MB.
I run 196 to 384MB of RAM on my W98 systems.


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