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By sandeep_200797 ·
i update my Hp Com BIOS from Hp website a 2007 version but it not work properly can i remove it.

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No, but....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to REMOVE BIOS UPDATE

... if you can find an older version, you can replace the newer one with the older one.

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BIOS updates should never be performed unless ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to REMOVE BIOS UPDATE

The computer tells you that it needs an update.

BIOS updates are NOT the same as Graphics driver updates - there is no requirement to always have the latest. These updates are mainly to allow computers to work properly with newly introduced, more modern CPUs and Chipsets.

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Depends on what you have here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to REMOVE BIOS UPDATE

If it is a NB and it is working to the POST Stage you can at the very least restore the Old BIOS set as you should have made a copy of the older version when prompted, when you flashed the BIOS to the new version.

If the system is not working at all there may be a couple of things you can try and these should have been covered in the Warning that was on HP's Web Site about Flashing the BIOS. You can remove the BIOS Battery and clear it then reset the Battery and reset the BIOS. That should cure the normal issues that come from Flashing the BIOS. Just remember to Save Changes as you exit the BIOS setup routine.

If the unit isn't working at all which is common if the Wrong BIOS Instruction Set was used when you flashed it your easy option is to replace the BIOS Chip with a New one Programed with a Suitable BIOS Instruction Set. You can buy these from places like BIOSman here


I've used them in the past for Server BIOS Chips as I don't run the risk of Flashing anything I just replace the BIOS Chip with a Newer Instruction Set when required. It saves lots of Down Time or the possibility of something going wrong no matter how careful you think you are being things still do go wrong.

Unfortunately if this is a NB there and it is no longer working there is very little you can do as those BIOS chips are part of the M'Board and are not fitted into a Socket to easy removal. While it is possible to reprogram the EPROM on the M'Board there are not many places capable of doing this as the equipment required is both expensive and requires specialized training to use. The normal Computer Repairers do not have that type of Equipment.


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