Remove drive reference from registry

By rcp2215 ·
A vexing problem: installed new SATA hd in server (set BIOS to make it boot disk) & did clean install of XP Pro SP3 to it. After install, boot drive was N: instead of C: -it worked fine, so I didn't care. Some months later, on start-up, XP spontaneously renamed the boot drive C: but left all N references in registry. PC boots ok, lots of apps don't work since they're linked to non-existant N:. I need to change ALL references to N: in registry to C: so apps work again. Many won't uninstall/reinstall since they can't find N files.
I appreciate your help.

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It would probably

by Jacky Howe In reply to Remove drive reference fr ...

be quicker to remove all drives and move the drive to the lowest Sata port. Wipe the drive and reinstall.

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Thanks, Jacky-

by rcp2215 In reply to It would probably

I'm hoping for a software / hack solution before I resort to wiping drive... even tho I suspect I'll end up having to take your suggestion.

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The other alternative

by Jacky Howe In reply to Thanks, Jacky-

is to do a search in the Registry for N: and make the changes. Good luck.

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Been There...

by rcp2215 In reply to The other alternative

Jacky - thanks again. I tried that first, but there a thousands of values and hundreds of keys. XP Pro SP3 doesn't have find-and-replace function, only find - then YOU manually change each one!
I am going to do what I should have done first: unplug the other drives, wipe the SATA drive and reinstall XP, then let it find the other drives. Fixing the system will keep me busy Sunday - very busy.

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That's why

by Jacky Howe In reply to Been There...

I suggested the reinstall. Good luck.

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Found It!

by rcp2215 In reply to That's why

Decided to try one last google hunt for software -I found it! You MUST get this free utility- it did more in 30 seconds than I got done in 2 days of manual modifications.
Download & install. It changed 982 N to C in seconds, leaving me to manually change/delete the ones that were restricted. NO MESSY REINSTALL! System is as if nothing had happened!
Thanks for your support.

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