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    Remove IE Failed/Corrupted Installation


    by rknrlkid ·

    Someone asked a question about removing IE 6 from their system so they could restore a previous version. Since we know that this is not possible, there is one other solution that I have seen. has a product called IEradicator that strips IE 4 or 5 from Win9x. This removes it completely. They also have a product called 98Lite that removes IE from Windows and retains some of the funtions that are removed with IEradicator.

    I have not personally tried this, but I have heard good things from people who have. Apparently IE is not as unseparably tied to Windows as we would be led to believe. I would consider removing it as a completely last-ditch attempt to recover a failed or corrupted installation.

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      Reply To: Remove IE Failed/Corrupted Installation

      by tech_wiz03 ·

      In reply to Remove IE Failed/Corrupted Installation

      Ok, to successfully uninstall ie of any variety you can use ieradicator to completely remove ie but if you want to use updates for your win95/98/nt/2k or xp system ie will imediately be reinstalled by microsoft as a prerequesite of doing the patch or update. 98lite circumvents this by replacing key ie programs and data files with ones that fool microsoft into beleaving ie is still present. natural ie calls are responded to in same manor as would normally expected other than nothing is actual done.

      I am using win98 with ie6 removed using ieradicator and opera replacing browser. The results are 30MB of memory freed, 41% less page swaping 19% less disk fragmentation an estimating 40% increase in stability. 16% increase in overall speed and using opera I have so many more useful and defineable features to make my life easy.

      I also have a win2k system :-(.
      I remove ie6 from it and saw the same results as with win98 then i installed and wham ie6 was also reinstalled!!! Preformance after reinstall of ie6 with also installed has dropped to 8 times slower overall than ever before
      pageswapping has increased memory is hogged so much that nothing wants to run.

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