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Remove RedHat, Install Windows 98

By jacknway ·
My mother bought a computer at the local Goodwill and it was loaded with Linux RedHat. She wants me to teach her how to use her computer, but I don't know anything about Linux. I want to uninstall Linux and install Windows 98. Can anyone tell me (in plain english) how to go about doing this. I know the application side of computers, but I don't know the first thing about modifying an operating system. Please Help!!!!

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by jacknway In reply to Remove RedHat, Install Wi ...

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by TheChas In reply to Remove RedHat, Install Wi ...

Linux uses a different file structure than Windows 98, so you need to start by setting up the hard drive with a DOS partition.

WARNING: the following steps removes all data from the hard drive.
Backup any needed files first.

Boot up using a W98 startup floppy.

At the DOS prompt, run the command

fdisk /mbr

(press enter to execute the command)

Then, run fdisk

If the hard drive is larger than 2GB, answer yes for large hard drive support.

From the main menu of fdisk, delete the non-DOS partition.

Then, create a new Primary DOS partition.

Mark the partition as active.

Exit fdisk


At the DOS prompt, run the command:

format C: /s

When the format is complete, type in a volume name if desired.

Insert your W98 CD.

Type setup and then press enter.

Follow the prompts and install Windows 98.

For further reading:



Installing W98:


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by jacknway In reply to

Your answer sounds good, unfortunately, I can't get past the first step (read comment above).

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by jacknway In reply to Remove RedHat, Install Wi ...

When I boot with the Win98 startup disk, I get "Non-System disk or disk error
Replace and strike any key when ready"
That's a far as it will let me go

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by TheChas In reply to Remove RedHat, Install Wi ...

Sounds like you have a problem with either the startup disk or the floppy drive.

Try creating a new startup disk on a running W98 system.

Open Add/Remove programs and click on the startup disk tab.

Follow the prompts and use a new floppy.

If you still get the error when attempting to boot off of the floppy, the floppy drive may be bad or dirty.


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by Jaqui In reply to Remove RedHat, Install Wi ...

yup, boot disk or floppy drive isn't working, from the error message.

if win98 fdisk doesn't want to remove the partitions.
( which happens with extended linux partitons )

get a 3rd party partition tool you can run from floppy.
rip the partiotns off then boot into the install for windows.

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by bookewyrmm In reply to Remove RedHat, Install Wi ...

another option if you don't want to pay for a 3rd party tool that you will likely use only once, is to download the win XP 4disk boot set from microsoft. It will walk you though the steps as if you were going to install XP.
At the step where the drive partitions are displayed, you can follow the instructions to delete the linux partitions, and create a DOS partition.and then format it.
WARNING!! Be carefull here, do not use the NTFS option, W98 does not recognise that fs!
Next you will be asked to insert the XP disk, pressing [F3] will exit the install program where you can then reboot to a win98 disk or floppy

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by csturman In reply to Remove RedHat, Install Wi ...

Check your BIOS and set the first boot device to FLOPPY?

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by jeffersnet In reply to Remove RedHat, Install Wi ...

Windows 98 is worse than any of the good Linux versions out there. It is very easy to install and learn Linux. I like Fedora myself and it is so easy to use that I would think your mother wouldn't have any difficulties. Pick up Fedora Linux for Dummies at your local bookstore and you will have all the info you need plus the OS comes with the book.

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by ozwes007 In reply to Remove RedHat, Install Wi ...

Simply put, grab the hard drive diags tool from the manufacturer of your hard drive(ie seagates seatools, maxtors maxblast) any of these tools allow you to zero fill the drive. This removes every thing from your drive and preps it as if it was brand new(Format wise). Simply insert a Win98 SE2 Cd in the cdrom, set your bios to boot from the cdrom and zippo away it goes. You occasionally need to use a cdrom boot disk to boot the cd up. Let me know if you do?

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