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    Remove second domain from Login Window


    by rjames ·

    OR “Grey” it out.

    Our student systems log onto an NT4 domain called the ITDOMAIN which the users see in the 3rd or lower box of the Login Window. The box continues to show all domains on the site despite the fact that the cannot Login to any other domain. I need to get the box to only show the ITDOMAIN and no others, or they cannot be selected, or the are greyed out. Users insist on trying and of course the next user is then presented with the wronf domain by deafult.

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      Reply To: Remove second domain from Login Window

      by shawn ·

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      As long as trust relationships exist with the other domains in your environment, there is no way to remove the other domains from the login box. However, you can use the registry to set the default domain name, so that even if it gets changed (incorrectly), when the next user sits down it will have the correct domain name in the logon box. The path in the registry that you’re looking for is:
      HKLM\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon and the value you’re looking for is DefaultDomain.

      Hope this helps.


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