Remove toolbar items in Excel, through outside code?

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So our system has a new dependency. A program called PDFill.
Seems to work good, but the installer they give us is almost viral in nature, it adds 4 shortcuts to your desktop, one to the send 2, 6 to the start menu, 2 to the start menu root, etc.
I have written into my installer, to wipe them all out.

However, I just discovered this (Two links incase one is broken)

I love how you cannot remove it either, the check box is grayed out.

We need this removed at install time, my installer is written in VB6.

Where do these things get added, is it somewhere in the registry? Can someone point me in the right direction on how to get rid of this thing at install time? The installer itself has no such options, its a basic MSI install (Wrapped into an EXE)

How my controller works:
It first creates a process and launches the installer, then waits for the process to finish.
Once the process is finished, I run this command as a process.
cmd /C "dir /a /b /s "C:\USERS\*.lnk" >c:\cfw32\lnklist2.txt"
Which creates a list of all the shortcuts on a persons system in their profiles.
I then open this text file, and loop through it, checking the target of each shortcut, and deleting the ones we don't want showing, so all 60 or so of PDFill's shortcuts.

After this, the process simply reports back what it deleted, then ends, I need to add to it, removing this toolbar item.

The install will always be run on a machine with admin rights.

Any help would be appreciated.

I notice it adds this key
And this key

First one, no problem, but the second one... how can I delete it from everyone's registry?

Confirmed, both have to die for the button to disappear, I tried deleting Current user version and it remain, deleted local machine version and it disappeared, re-added current user version and it reappeared.

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