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Removed Restore Part, now won't Boot

By Bill ·
I have wiped out the restore part on my compaq presario S5000v. I put OS's on the machine twice, but neither would boot. (Once a clean XP Pro install, once a Nero backup restoration.)

I always have these probs with HP/Compaq, and should have known better to try it with this one.

Why do HP/Compaqs never allow me to to put on the OS I choose?

This is my PC- not Compaqs or HPs. How do I take control of these things once and for all?

No other machine ever gives me difficulty. If someone could explain to me how to thwart this tyrrany I'd appreciate it.

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Windows 7 overcame, but still...

by Bill In reply to Removed Restore Part, now ...

The reason i tried this is that I had a feeling Windows 7 would bypass this nonesense... and luckily it did.

However.. my original query stands. Why do HPs and Compaqs resist being used at the users discretion?

Is there some BIOS or MB coding that puts the company before the end user? I have replaced HPs with Dells and Lenovos in many a NYC office because of this issue.

I have never had any luck resolving this issue. If someone knows how to defeat this problem, please share your thoughts.

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It's probably in the MBR

by NickNielsen In reply to Windows 7 overcame, but s ...

I've seen it myself. Blowing away the partition table and starting with an absolutely clean drive is the only way I've found that you can get past this when it happens.

I've even seen HPs not allow users to partition the drive unless GParted was used.

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