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    RemoveIT Pro Ultra 7.47 (Windows)


    by barror1 ·

    I am a computer repair Tech. I downloaded this and ran a scan on my wife’s laptop and this program list many entries in start up as dangerous that indeed are not such as adobe updater and Google updater. It also list system32autorun.exe and system32autorunGUI.exe which are needed for windows to actually load. If these files were deleted by a user who didn’t know any different there system would be inoperable the next time they rebooted. I have been a member of TechRepublic since last year and have always trusted there downloads but i must say that someone has dropped the ball on this on.

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      RemoveIT Pro Ultra 7.47

      by ghbgiest ·

      In reply to RemoveIT Pro Ultra 7.47 (Windows)

      I was not happy that the link immediately “downloaded” without any explaination about the software. Then I noticed it said – Trial; that really Td me. Trial means cost. I don’t want to ever download and “try” trial software. Not when there are “free” alternatives. Thanks but no thanks Tech rebublic.

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      Am I missing something?

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to RemoveIT Pro Ultra 7.47 (Windows)

      Is there an article related to the original comment? Was the app downloaded from an advertisement? Or is this just a random rant?

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      RemoveIT Pro Ultra 7.47

      by barror1 ·

      In reply to RemoveIT Pro Ultra 7.47 (Windows)

      I downloaded it from Tech Republic via a link included in an e-mail from this site.

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      Need to read first!

      by hawker ·

      In reply to RemoveIT Pro Ultra 7.47 (Windows)

      Annoyingly there is no preamble review reading for this download which meant having to discard the download offered (“no see, no buy”) then do a Google search to find user comments. On reading Barra1’s comments I’m glad I did and I agree with him – you have dropped the ball again Tech Republic – suggest if you aren’t able to stand behind your offerings with reliable accounts of a product then you shouldn’t make the offer in the first place. Puts you in danger of being considered in the league of adware/malware spammers etc.

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