Removing a driver

By ryancroom ·
Hello where i work we have encountered a slight problem. The problem is we have a conflict between some software and some drivers on a computer. when both the software and the driver are installed on the same computer when ever you log in it hangs up.

Unfortunately at this point we have only 1 solution available to use and its is to remove the driver(since the device is not necessary). Now is there a way I can remove the driver so that the computer can not automatically try and reinstall the device each start up. I have tried deleting the .sys file out of the drivers directory, but it just recreates it.

any help would be greatly appreciated other wise we have to eredo our image from scratch.

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Use Device Manager and

by IC-IT In reply to Removing a driver

Remove the drivers once more, then...
Just right click the device and select disable.

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by ryancroom In reply to Use Device Manager and

Thanks deleting the drivers and disabling the device worked. I feel like an idiot for not doing it sooner oh well we all experiance ID10T errors occasionally.

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From my understanding...

by tmalo627 In reply to Removing a driver

basically you don't want Windows (I'm assuming) to attempt to install your device driver each startup, because a device is there that is causing problems. Why not physically remove the device from the computer?

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