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    Removing a thumbprint password


    by ebayva ·

    One of our corporate customers gave me a Toshiba Satellite U205-S5002 to repair. A former employee has secured the laptop with his thumb print. Now the employers can’t use the laptop for his replacement. They’ve asked me to remove the thumb print passcode. This is not something I typically have to deal with, if anyone can give me a hand that would be great.

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      by ebayva ·

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      log in as an administrator,

      by the scummy one ·

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      and uninstall the software which runs it.
      Also, the user should be able to login with the normal PW, and then open up aid SW and reset the settings and remove the thumbprint ID

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      RE: “Toshiba Satellite U205-S5002 to repair” …

      by older mycroft ·

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      Strictly speaking there’s nothing wrong with the Tosh – it is doing its job perfectly adequately.

      Unfortunately the removal of the thumbprint password falls into the category of circumventing a password – period.

      I don’t think you’ll get much help from TR on this subject.

      Either your corporate customer congratulates the former employee for his diligence in security and come to some form of arrangement with him, or you contact Toshiba and go from there.

      BTW – how do they know it was his THUMB ?

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      Or if it belongs to a Domain

      by ic-it ·

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      Any Domain user can logon (without a thumbprint – look closely at the options) so all the new user needs is a domain account.

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