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Removing access restrictions

By Techjunkie ·
My company are replacing all their old Toshiba's with shiny new stuff and I've got a Tosh 4070 running windows 95 for zilch - which is fine as I only need it for wp. However I'd like to email some documents to work but the dial up connections settings are greyed out and I get a message "access to this .... has been restricted by your administrator" - now I know the laptop was used with a docking station on a Citrix network so I removed the Citrix programme, but still no luck - will I need to wipe the hard drive and start again? Help would be appreciated.

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by Ricky In reply to Removing access restricti ...

No. You don't need to re-install it.

Try the following:

1. Remove and re-install Windows 95's Dial-up Networking (Add-Remove Programs, Windows Components).

2. If that doesn't work, remove and re-install the dial-up adapter from the Network (accessible through Control panel), remove and re-install Windows 95's Dial-up Networking then shut-down and re-start the system and re-install both the dial-up adapter and dial-up networking.

Should work.

3. Second - last resort:
Install Microsoft DUN (Sial-up networking) upgrade onto your system - available as a free download from the microsoft download site.

If all else fails, just run a set-up of Win95 from the Install CD over the existing system. It won't delete any of your existing programs or data, but will re-install any/all missing and/or damaged components.


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Thanks I'll give this a go

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