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By ryehntrix ·
is there any more ways on how to get rid of spyware and adware on my computer?Coz i tried using adwareSE from lavasoft both on normal and safe mode but still i have the spyware and adware on my machine. It did remove some but still i have 2 to 3 more on the machine. Aside from reformatting is there any other way?

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We use multiple

by Old Guy In reply to REMOVING ADWARE & SPYWARE

spyware removal programs here. I have Ad-Aware Pro on each machine (I don't think the free version does a very good job). I also use SpyBot to immunize each unit and have started using MS AntiSpyware. I also have the Ad-Aware Pro run at log on.

BTW, are you sure it's not viruses? I presume you have an Anti-virus program, updated and run every day?

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by russellw3 In reply to REMOVING ADWARE & SPYWARE

I got a programe called REGRUN it might solve your problem

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More tools available

by jwooden In reply to REMOVING ADWARE & SPYWARE

Go to Cnet .com
search in downloads
MS Defender (Windows XP and Vista)
all are tools I use with good results.

Good Luck

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Use a combination of removal tools - Dirtysouth

by Dirtys0uth In reply to REMOVING ADWARE & SPYWARE

I have found that in order to effectively remove spyware viruses and adware it takes a combonation of tools. I have run spybot, AdwareSE, AdwareAlert, Spybot Search&Destroy and one tool I rank highly among all of them, PcTool's Spyware Doctor! I run each in safemode and then again in regular mode. Depending on how long the system has been affected will have a lot of bearing on how hard it will be to remove the viruses.

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Muliple Plus Forums

by eyesak In reply to REMOVING ADWARE & SPYWARE

Agree with
Spybot S&amp
LavaSoft's Adaware
Edwido > AGV Antispyware
There are special tools that address
certain spy/ad ware etc. issues such as

Join a Forum
such as:
very helpful for removing spyware

Do your research > there is free stuff that is good, or you can upgrade or continue using and pay for some of them such as
AVG Antispyware and others.

Use caution about downloading just anything,
do your research on forums, some alleged
adware / virus removers are adware laden.

Download a Hosts file from
Hosts files for protecting against
sites that track your acitivy on the internet
and can put bad stuff on your computer.

You will see areas on your screen that says
page cannot be displayed, but worth it to some for the tracking it stops and that it offers some protection.

And find help / info of course at
Techrepublic Forums.

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Spyware Removal

by muddy_13 In reply to REMOVING ADWARE & SPYWARE

Running in SAFE MODE with SYSTEM RESTORE TURNED OFF is the correct way to remove spyware. Use Adaware from Lavasoft-USA (get it from a legit site like and also run SPY BOT or (not free) SPYSWEEPER.
Restart your machine immediately after each sweep to remove programs loaded to memory.
If the process is really slow....try terminating Adaware, let it delete what it has found so far and then restart the PC so it begins with a little less spyware...and it will run better.
If trouble persists you may have a root kit.
Go to

and download the Root Kit Revealer and see if it finds anything.

Still no satisfaction? See what is running with "Security Task Manager" or "Hijack This"

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Cnet gave me NSIS

by marybee27 In reply to Spyware Removal

ok, my bad, downloaded a game, thinking "oh, it's on Cnet, it will be fine... NOT"

got it cleaned up, but had to remove and reload Spybot... every time I ran a scan with Spybot S/D, it replicated/restored the NSIS infection..

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