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Removing Disk Partition

By James_Randy ·
I have a Maxtor 6.1 GB hard drive (Model 86480D6) that was partitioned and formatted on an NT machine. (It was used as a second drive, the primary slave, on that NT machine.) It has, as partition #1, an Extended DOS partition that uses 100% of the drive's capacity. I would like to remove this partition, reformat the drive, and use it in a new Win95 machine. Using a Win95(b) boot disk I cannot remove this partition. I get a prompt, "Cannot delete Extended DOS partition while logical drive exists". However, there is no logical drive listed. No matter what I've tried, I can't remove this partition, or get Win95 to format and use the drive. I've also tried to boot on a DOS disk, but with the same results.

DOes anyone know how to remove thispartition so I can use it for a new Win95(b) installation? I DO NOT have acccess to an NT machine to address this problem, so that is not an option. I DO NOT want to buy any software, such as "Partition Magic", so that is not an option. I could not find any disk utility on the Maxtor WEB site, so don't suggest that unless you provide a SPECIFIC link to download a utility. I'm open to other options. Any ideas?


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Removing Disk Partition

by Some Guy in Seattle In reply to Removing Disk Partition

Download a program called "delpart.exe" from this URL:

This blows away every partition I've ever had problems with using fdisk.

Boot with a DOS boot disk, then run it and select the drive you want to **** away. It's pretty user-friendly for a DOS program!

Hope that helps,

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Removing Disk Partition

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Removing Disk Partition

Some Guy in Seattle,

Thanks for that link. I downloaded the utility & it did indeed "**** away" the partition. I'm now formatting the disk (as I type).

jr (aka Some guy in Denver)

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Removing Disk Partition

by mmcdade In reply to Removing Disk Partition

Yep, read the first post -- that's your correct answer ("delpart.exe"). You probably have the drive formatted as NTFS. Anyway, if you do a search on the MS Support Site, you can also find it there, but if you have the link already, that's probably easier.

No problems -- yer fixed!

Best of luck,

- Mark

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Removing Disk Partition

by James_Randy In reply to Removing Disk Partition

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