Removing Domain info from XP Pro machine

By speculare ·
Would use some help please.
Read some previous answers to similar topics but cannot find the solution to my problem.

A friend of mine got old DEL laptop laptop from the company he used to with...

He usually logged in using his old username and password as he used when he was connected to the company's network, but couldn't change anything in the machine, so he asked for my help.

I checked the network settings on My computer, and removed the Domain info writing a general name for a Workgoup.
Didn't change anything on the Users age. After restarting as requested, I get the same login screen but old username and password won't work... basically have no way to log on to windows now.

Any help greatly appreciated.
best regards

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You are screwed

by cmiller5400 In reply to Removing Domain info from ...

When you removed the computer from the domain, you also removed the ability to use the cached domain account. If the PC was legitimately sold to your friend, and depending on how it was sold to him, he may be able to ask his IT department for the disks to reinstall the laptop or provide him with some way to access the machine (aka and administrator account)

No other advice can be offered here because it would involve hacking into the machine to activate an account. Sorry.

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Well assuming that you want to fix this mess up

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Removing Domain info from ...

You need to contact Dell and buy a Recovery Set from them for this system.

You'll also need to Backup any Personal Data on the system before using the recovery Set as they will format the drive to reinstall the OS.


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Administrator account

by Mohammad Oweis In reply to Removing Domain info from ...

try to reset the password for the administrator account, there is a lot of tools to do this, use Google.
Then you can login to the computer.

But if he still using the computer in the company, and i was the Administrator, i will kill him

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