Removing Drivers for a PCI Slot

By paul.roden ·
I want to add a second hard drive on my Dell 2400 Dimension PC. My son's friend had installed a Neptune Video Card Accelerator Card Video 248 PC-DVI S/NA067020248S with software.
I uninstalled the software and removed the card because the PC kept crashing. Now I want to install a BYTECC PCI Express Card BT-PESAPA PCIE-SATA II + PATA Card. When I boot up I get a blank screen and can't install the drivers. I haven't installed the second EIDE 320 G Western Digital Drive. I have no more IDE connectors on the board left (2 DVD/CD Combo Drives and 120 G Hard Drive)and the regular video is on the mother board. How do i remove the hidden drivers and change the BIOS to get the PCI Controller Card to work with my new hard drive?

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Each IDE Port on the M'Board will support 2 IDE Drives

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Removing Drivers for a PC ...

So you can install a Total of 4 IDE Drives. As you have 2 Optical Drives and 1 HDD you can add another HDD tot he system without needing to buy any extra Hardware except maybe for a IDE Lead.

As for using this PCI Controller Card with this M'Board it most likely has a Incompatible Chip Set and you need a different Make/Model of Controller Card to use with this M'Board.

However you may need to refit the Video Card here and enter the BIOS and enable the On Board Video, It is sometimes necessary to disable the On Board Video when you plug in a Video Card and this may be the reason why you are not getting any Display on the Monitor. If however when you remove the IDE Controller Card you get a display on the Monitor it is a straight Chip Set Incompatibility that is the issue here.


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PCIe Card?

by TheChas In reply to Removing Drivers for a PC ...

It is very possible that the hardware in your Dell does not support a PCIe card.

The manual only mentions PCI slots. No mention of PCIe compatibility. Plus, with a fixxed 33 MHz PCI bus speed, a PCIe card will not function properly anyway.

If you still need to add the capacity for additional drives, you will need to find a standard PCI controller card. Most of these are limited to SATA-I because they cannot access the data bus fast enough to support SATA-II speeds. You can still use most SATA-II drives as they have a jumper or other option to set them to SATA-I mode.

Another thing to keep in mind is power. Most OEM systems do not have much in additional power supply capacity. If you add more drives, you may need a larger power supply.


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by TheChas In reply to Removing Drivers for a PC ...

Got your message.

Yes, the SYBA card should work with your system.


The only comment I have on the card you selected, is that you should never install devices you do not plan to use. If you do not need or plan to make use of the parallel and USB ports on the card, you would be better off getting a card that has just the IDE and SATA controllers.

Extra device controllers use resources from the system even if devices are not connected to them. More installed devices mean a greater chance for device or driver conflicts.

Not to say that the card will not work fine as is.

This is also an older technology card as the USB ports are only type 1.


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