Removing Exchange 2003 System Management Tools

By acridweasel ·
Can anyone help me completely remove the "Microsoft Exchange" entry in Add/Remove Programs?
I installed the Exchange 2003 System Management Tools on my XP Pro machine but am reconfiguring it for use elsewhere so need to remove them. So far I have managed to remove the tools themselves but I cannot seem to get rid of the entry within Add/Remove Programs.
Any ideas??

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RE: Removing Exchange 2003 System Management Tools

by jrich In reply to Removing Exchange 2003 Sy ...

I was having a very similar problem removing the tools from my XP Pro Workstation. I resolved it by using the Exchange CD to run Set-Up and then selecting "Remove" - instead of using Add/Remove Progams.

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Still doesn't remove from add/remove programs

by jmourani In reply to RE: Removing Exchange 200 ...

I tried removing by running setup from cd. When I selected remove next to the Microsoft Exchange component, I get the following error: "The component cannot be assigned the action 'Remove' because you cannot install this product on a computer running windows professional.

So I selected change and then selected remove next to the management tools. It then uninstalled the tools but it still remains in add/remove programs.

Any other thoughts?

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Exchange still in Add/Remove after uninstall...

by TechRepublic In reply to Still doesn't remove from ...

I have a Windows Server 2003 machine that had the Microsoft Exchange System Management Tools installed. After uninstalling them by selecting "Remove" in the wizard, the listing still appears in Add/Remove Programs. Any attempt to run the wiard now, whether from the CD, or from Add/Remove, only allows an Install option.

Would very much like to solve this if anyone has any further suggestions.

New York, NY

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Possible solution...

by TechRepublic In reply to Exchange still in Add/Rem ...

More info with possible solution:

Reinstalling MS Exchange System Management Tools, then uninstalling produced no improvement. In fact, the 2nd installation produces a 2nd listing in Add/Remove Programs. Uninstalling the 2nd install removes the 2nd listing, leaving the 1st.

Then, I located the Installer registry entries for the Add/Remove Programs listing in:
The install GUID for MS Exchange on my system was 2B8EC4BD-5638-47e2-8817-1A50B38A828D, but this may or may not vary from install to install. Also on my system, it was the only GUID listed that was not in squiggly brackets ({ }). Within the key, the UninstallString indicates the disk location of the wizard in "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Integration\Microsoft Exchange\setup.exe".

Exported the GUID key for backup, then deleted it from the registry. Then deleted the folder indicated in the UninstallString. Rebooted for good measure, but may not have even been necessary.

Deleting the registry key removes it from Add/Remove Programs, and deleting the install folder is just good housekeeping.

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