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Removing First DC from Site.

By mat.talbot ·
I have upgraded all of my DC's to 2003, upgraded Exchange to 2003 (both from 2k), and have a freshly installed Exchange 2003 server (running on 2003 server) and another freshly installed DC (not upgrade). The original Exchange(2000)server was a 2k DC too. I've had problems removing the whole of backoffice from it, but the Exchange part doesn't show up in system mgr on the 2003 Exchange machine.
Had a couple of issues with the upgrade: had to move the Administrator account out of guest groups, and PCIgina.dll had to be removed (for MSgina.dll) as Netsupport Mgr had replaced it.
Now, if I shut down that server - although I have 2 other 2003 DC's on the domain(and the Global catalog is on one of the 'up' ones) people can't log in when it's down, and older Outlook clients get 'Server request' boxes popping up and can't send mail. All clients are pointing at the new server (Exchange), as they're able to send mail usually. Is there a way of telling a workstation to stop going to DC 'a' to authenticate and go to 'b' instead? It seems that the clients (ALL XP) try to use the old DC and can't find the others!! They can be seen over the network, etc.
Am I missing something here? They shouldn't be using SMB anyway, should they? It just means I can't decommission the old DC - and more importantly - I dont know why!!!
Thanks in advance...

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by jhoup In reply to Removing First DC from Si ...

This sounds like a DNS issue. Have you installed a DNS server on one of the Up servers and updated the NS and MX records for the new servers? Also, make sure all of your clients DNS settings are pointing to the new DNS Server and you have cleaned out the old server records from the new DNS server.

If you have any more details, please let me know.

Hope this helps.

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by jhoup In reply to

Did the previous DNS Settings that had a valid DNS server list the Old DC 1st or 2nd? If all that server is running is DNS, and you run DCPROMO, it should still act as a DNS server with no problem. It will only remove AD related items and demote itself to a member server. Double check your DHCP settings, cut down the renew time for the time being to make sure it refreshes all the workstations with the new settings.

Let me know if this works. (

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by mat.talbot In reply to Removing First DC from Si ...

Ok, you brought up a very good point. I've now changed the settings in the DHCP scope to include the new DC/DNS server and removed the 'problem causing' one. But the settings DID have an active DNS server listed.
DNS-wise it should all be fine. I do currently have 3 DNS servers on a small domain though - should I remove all services from the 'problem' server one by one and try that? DNS, erm... that's about all that's on it! What about running dcpromo on it? Thing is, if I do that and it doesn't work - I'm screwed!

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