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Removing forced wrapping(Ctrl-Enter) in

By emyers59 ·
I am attempting to import Excel spreadsheets into Access. The problem is that Access can not import the contents of the cell if it contains the "Control Enter" function. The originator of the Excel Spreadsheet I refer to, uses the "Control Enter"function to create word Wrapping at precise points - to aid in his users visual appearance of the data. I on the other hand am attempting to use (import) the data within an Access database and continually encounter errors with the import into Access. I need to accomplish this removal across the entire spreadsheet which contains over 15,000 cells of data without having to spend the time to locate each cell that contains "Control-Enter".

I have tried to use the Find and Replace functionbut it will not allow us to enter the "Control Enter" function in the FIND field. I want to replace it with a "space".

When unformatted, a forced wordwrapped cell using Control Enter, the character displayed is a "small square". Thinking we could use the Character

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Removing forced wrapping(Ctrl-Enter) in

by Larry H. In reply to Removing forced wrapping( ...

Try this: Use the EDIT, REPLACE function. With the cursor in the FIND WHAT box hold down the ALT key and from the number pad type 0010 then release the ALT key. (You won't notice anything change in the box, but don't worry). Go to the REPLACE WITH box and type a space. Then click REPLACE ALL.

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Removing forced wrapping(Ctrl-Enter) in

by emyers59 In reply to Removing forced wrapping( ...

Thank you very much- I tried it- I Like it!!!
How did you know to use "0010". When I looked at the Character Map- all of the "squares" started with Alt-0129 and up.

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