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Removing Hottest Show on Earth

By AffordblPCRepair ·
I have a client that had inadvertently clicked the wrong section of a pop-up ad for this site and it always pops up at system start up. I searched the registry, msconfig startup and start menu start and didn't find this program in any of those area's. I also deleted all temp internet files to no avail. Is there somewhere I'm not looking in order to remove this pesky program?

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by tuzib In reply to Removing Hottest Show on ...


root directory:Autoexec.bat

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Runonce ,runonceex,runservices,runservices-,runservicesonce,...and the like
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run,run-,runonce,...and the like.

[4]windows startup

in msconfig start up ,there is sometimes filenames similar(like) to the normal filename .
for example

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by tuzib In reply to

sometimes it runs when you open the IE to view webpages or search check the registry to recover the main key about IE.set the homepage of IE blank.You can try the IE recovery software if you dont know how.Good Luck!

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by dkmc00 In reply to Removing Hottest Show on ...

You can also download a free software called 'ad-aware' from and install it on the
problem PC. This program cleans the computer of
any hidden spy softwares like the one you mentioned.
While running it you might come across other hidden programs nobody's aware of. I suggest running it periodically for maintenance and security reasons.

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by RIHELL In reply to Removing Hottest Show on ...

I don't know if this will help but I encountered a similar problem with a popup called Britney's dorm cam....It turns out they had written it as a windows recovery file named winrec.exe it was stored in the winnt system 32 file in windows xp. I deleted the file (after making a copy on a floppy to be sure I didn't need it) and the popup finally stopped. Good luck.

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by HBE In reply to Removing Hottest Show on ...

Try 'answer 2' (AD-AWARE) first i'd suggest: by far the easiest and safest. And a good program as well :)

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