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Removing Internet records

By bldsm ·
I often get asked by staff how to remove all traces of visiting web sites from their PC and Internet Explorer. The machines go around a proxy server, not through it, but we need to be able to ensure that all traces of sites visited, images, info etc is completely removed.

I have tried a few programs that claim to remove the files but they report no files are saved so that has to be wrong because we tested it by surfing for a while, running the program, and still nothing.

What steps are the most effective for ensuring the PCs have no evidence of where people surf?

And would a LAN Unix or NT server or a proxy server that PCs don't go thru be able to save addresses of sites we have visited.

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by Srikrishna In reply to Removing Internet records

Hi,few programs are around and I guess it works fine..some of my friends uses it n no complaints..and u can delete temp internet files n cookies n history too...
if proxy is there and ur bypassing it i dont think so it will trace the url history..But a Network Admin can always track wht ur doing...

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by bldsm In reply to

Sadly disappointing but thanks. Poor spelling

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by dmiles In reply to Removing Internet records



? Anyone using your computer can view the web sites you've visited. You have no privacy online.

? If someone starts typing in your browser, your computer will recall and display old websites you've visited.

? Every picture from every site you've ever visited is copied and stored on your hard drive.

? Simply deleting your history files only partially removes use records.

? Deleting your cache will not permanently remove stored pictures and files.

Internet Eraser will clean your:

(images you have looked at are stored here)
Cookies Site placing intrusive tracking cookies on your computer, many times these cookies are from sites you've visited in your own privacy.
(save the ones you want to keep)
(this feature on your computer saves all previous sites you've visited, anyone can click on this feature and immediately find out all the sites you've visited.)
Drop Down Address Bar/Location Bar
(most recent websites you've visited area stored in the location bar, and quickly seen by others.)
Auto Complete Data Forms
(your passwords to sites are remembered by this feature)
index.dat file
(this file cannot be deleted manually)

Do you want to ...
? Delete Cache Files
? Erase porn sites.
? Delete Cookies
? Erase porn files.
? Delete History
? Delete porn files from your computer.

Internet Eraser supports users of:

Windows 95/98/ME/2000 Pro

Internet Eraser Pro software protects your privacy by removing your Internet records and hidden system files from your computer.

It is easy - to - use software. You can not make any harm to your computer with this software!

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by bldsm In reply to

I don't like advertising. I would prefer honest opinion from people who have had the same problems.

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by pctech In reply to Removing Internet records

I have found "Internet Cleanup" to be the most effective for removing internet related files. I have found it to be nearly as good as Spybot and Ad-Aware to remove spyware as well. .... I also use Ad-Aware as well. "Internet Cleanup" is by far the most comprehensive application I have used for internet related file cleanup.

You can help this out by setting your Internet Options ( Control Panel ) to limit the Temporary Internet Files folder size to 5 Mgs. and to delete these files upon closing IE ( Advanced Tab ). Limit your cookies to current session only and block all third party cookies.

I hope this helps.

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by pctech In reply to

BTW, the only SURE way is to melt the hard drive in a furnace.

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by bldsm In reply to

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by stuart_at_oz In reply to Removing Internet records

How do mean it goes 'around' the proxy..... if your network is administered anything like ours, then there is a complete DETAILED record everywhere you go on the internet.

I also get asked about privacy in this regard, and my answer is that they have none! But, generally the records are only looked at if someone draws attention to themselves.

I also know that our history/temp files etc are stored as part of our roaming profiles, and 'removing' them from the computer does not always work, as the settings are different to a 'vanilla' install.


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by stuart_at_oz In reply to

If I was the network adminstrator, alarm bells would start ringing if someone told me that someone's PC was going around the proxy/firewall, and they wanted to know how to remove all trace from the computers too.

If it's a security issue (which can include privacy) then make sure you are using a secure operating system, and a secure profile/logon arrangement. (Don't ask me how though, I am on Win98 which is about as secure as a thunderbox outhouse!)


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by bldsm In reply to

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