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Removing Linux from Dual boot system

By sssomo ·
I have a dual boot machine running both XP and Red Hat Enterprise. I would like to remove the Linux Partition from my sytem and include the available harddisc for my windows. Could anyone tell me how to do this.

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Fdisk /mbr

by xstep In reply to Removing Linux from Dual ...

But you may not boot after that at all. Is there a way to fix it? I think so and maybe someone will jump in here and lend a hand. It's been a while so I don't have a solid answer.

However, if it were me. I would save all my files,book marks,inbox, etc... and reinstall XP. (no lol I would not install XP) you can delete non dos partition and format it to NTFS.

I haven't dual booted in years but remember thoses days. I opted long ago for Linux and left windows and all the pay for and or borrowed disks behind. I use free software and don't have to worry about what software disks and product ID's I don't have or own.

Hope ya work it out.

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First this may get ugly...

by X-MarCap In reply to Fdisk /mbr

1. back everything up.
2. boot into XP.
3. remove linux partition in disk tools.
4. extend the XP Partition.
At this point you may have to load XP to get the disk to boot XP...
5. good luck.

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better answer

by apotheon In reply to First this may get ugly.. ...

From within Linux, edit the configuration for your bootloader (GRUB or LILO, most likely) so that any entries referring to anything other than Windows are removed. Reboot. Use the tools in Windows to reformat the Partition Formerly Known As Linux as NTFS or FAT32. Use at will.

Using a Windows-only system doesn't require you to going back to using Windows' inferior bootloader. Just keep using the superior bootloaders that ship with Linux (which work just fine with Windows, too).

If you really want to get fancy, you can use a Linux LiveCD (such as Knoppix) that comes with advanced partitioning tools to merge the additional drive space with your Windows partition, but really you should be maintaining more than one partition on Windows systems in case of OS crash and reinstall anyway (so you don't lose current data from the drive).

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xp not detected

by dr.priti7 In reply to Removing Linux from Dual ...

I m using XP with linux as dual boot system.
I want to remove the linux partition.but XP os can not get detected.

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