removing local profiles off the pc

By arifeenmcse ·
i require a solution, where i can delete the local student profiles on pc's, BUT the students do not have roaming profiles so i cannot enable the delete roaming cache in Group policy. May be a script run on specific gropus which can delete the local profiles of students on selected PC'S.but i do not know how to creat scripts(VB scripts) any help or suggestion will be highly appreciated.

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Local Shares?

by symon.l In reply to removing local profiles o ...

im assuming you have shares on these PC's?

Think you might have to do it manually for each pc but at least its remote.

\\pcname\C$\documents and settings\

And delete the local profiles, obviously the person cant be logged in at the time.

Hope this helps.

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by paul.cook In reply to Local Shares?

In the Win2K3 Resource kit is a utility called Delprof which you can use to delete Cached Roaming Profiles AND Local Profiles.

It can be run locally or remotely.

One thing...I'm pretty sure it will delete profiles for local users as well (e.g. Administrator)

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Thanks paul

by arifeenmcse In reply to Delprof.exe


i can run delprof.exe, but will i be able to run it remotely? if i do not have share on remote pc's. I tried that but i was not able to connect to the pc's with no c:drive shared.

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delprof.exe command line switches

by paul.cook In reply to Thanks paul

You should be able to run this on a server with a user that has administrative rights on the local machine

delprof /Q /I /c:\\Wkstn01 /D

DELPROF [options]

/Q Quiet, no confirmation.
/I Ignore errors and continue deleting.
/P Prompts for confirmation before deleting each profile.
Delete profiles on a remote computer.
Only delete profiles that have been inactive for 'X' Number of days (or greater)
Delete roaming profile cache only ##

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Thanks simon

by arifeenmcse In reply to Local Shares?

Thanks Simon,
First of all, we do not have share on C drive. Secondly i want to remove local student profiless off the pc's, and student do not have roaming profiles, i was wondering if you can help me with a script to be deployed using Group policy Management to remove selected profiles off the pc's

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