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removing parts of mandrake 9.1

By isyer ·
I need to remove the games (all) in mandrake 9.1 also anything having to do with the internet. Is this possible,if so how can I do it?

Larry (isyer)

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by Jaqui In reply to removing parts of mandrak ...

use remove software app to un-install the games.

why remove the network software?
you will not be able to do much on it.
half of the ui apps will be removed. including parts of the ui.
( KDE has several components that require networking tools to be installed or they won't be installed )

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to removing parts of mandrak ...

I can understand sort of, but not networking. Linux makes a lot of things work by accessing network services, you'd end up with an expensive calculator with a poor interface.

If you want to stop it getting to the internet, just block it at the router.

Games, haven't bothered on my boxes, but I suspect the Package Manager will do the job. You can get at it on the desktop from mandrake control centre, do a search for one of them and off it goes.

If not just find the files and delete them or set their priviledges so no one has access to them.

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by Jaqui In reply to Games

was my point also.
while removing a nic and just having the loopback device will allow it to work, it is actually better to have the networking installed.

with mandrake, he could just edit the system menu as root and remove the games from everyone's menus.
use software manager to remove them completely.
choose not to install them.

go into the initscripts and disable the network card ( linuxconf is much easier )
tell the system not to start the network card at boot.
lots of ways to stop inet access, most will also kill network access.

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I got a contact too

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to that

No network and you've lobotomized linux. Almost tempted to try it to see what you'd have left. My suspicion is not a whole lot.

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by Jaqui In reply to I got a contact too

with mandrake you still have a functional system.
I have done it.

maybe not with other distros but mandrake does allow for non networked systems.

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Nice to know

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to actually,

what did you use it for though?

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by Jaqui In reply to Nice to know

stand alone workstation, for developing apps that don't need network subsystem.
( other than accessing cups, which will work with loopback just fine )

testing of configuration changes, without risking intrusion.

a non networked system is also what people that don't have any sort of inet access are working with. ( not actually uncommon, with people that are working in non-professional positions [ min wage type jobs ] as they can't afford the inet access )

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ahh, that helps..

by Jaqui In reply to removing parts of mandrak ...

your message.
that extra info helps.

even removing the apps from the menus won't work in that case.
unless the network cards are built in, remove them prior to installation and no networking is available.

using software manager, as root, go to un-install listing, and select all the games and all internet browsers, email clients, ftp clients, newsreaders.

use the menu editor to edit system menu, to remove menu editor from the user menu.
also remove games menu, and internet menu.

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Are you building an industrial control box?

by saphil In reply to ahh, that helps..

I can understand removing the games and the networking in that context, however can't you pretty securely isolate the box from the network by not running the ethernet cable?

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What Do Want it For?

by edwin.sibrian In reply to Are you building an indus ...

If you tell us that, maybe we can give you some better ideas.

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