Removing Pinned Items from the start menu

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OK where I work we have all windows xp machines and are running (please dont laugh) Office 97. I am over the project to move to Office 2007. Simple right? Well not really I have overcome a few big issues thus far but seem to be stuck on removing the pinned shortcuts for Office 97. Before we get into that let me just say that we do not use active directory to point the user account to its profile, instead there are modifications made to the Windows default user and that is what is used by everyone when they log in. With that being said I am trying to figure out a few things 1-Is the pinned item list a registry entry for the default user and if it is where does it reside because it is not located the same as in current user 2-how can I remove just the Office 97 pinned items without visiting each computer (250+)
I have found the reg entry for the pinned items for current users but the structure for the default user is totally different (at least in terms of the registry entries) ANy help on this would be great.

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Default user profile registry hive

by IC-IT In reply to Removing Pinned Items fro ...

is located in the NTUser.dat file under Default User in Docs & Settings. This makes it a bit problematic to get to.
Here are a couple of thoughts;
script the changes, a bat type example can be found here;

Regedit /s YourRegKeys.reg

or VB here;

You may want to try playing with the Office Customization Tool to see if that will have an effect (also nice tool for custom setup).
To access it find the path to your Office setup file.
Open a cmd prompt and type this in;
setup.exe /admin

That launches the customizer and gives you a chitload of options (to include remove the old installs etc).

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by ryan.perkins In reply to Default user profile regi ...

Thank you very much, I will give this a try today and report the outcome.

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