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    Removing Primary AD DNS Zone and starting again


    by bob.hunt ·

    I recently started working for a company that was set up by some guys who are no longer there. When they installed the first W2k DC, they used another organizations DNS address. The zones are all wrong and everything is a mess. Question is, can I delete the primary AD DNS forward zone and start again? Do I have to start from scratch with AD and everything? Because the DNS wasn’t working, when they went to another office to join computers to the domain, they couldn’t, so they just started another domain. We have 4 offices, 60 users and you guessed it, 4 domains.
    I can set up DNS correctly, I’ve just never had to repair other people’s mistakes like this before.

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      sounds familiar

      by clark_nick2002 ·

      In reply to Removing Primary AD DNS Zone and starting again

      Having inherited one of these wonderful configs myself i would say that the painful way is the best. If you have the resources (and backing of management .. very important) such as spare boxes for DC’s, money and time I would create a new AD topoloy and migrate your existing domains into it. Quest software, formaly aleita, has some superb software that will manage the tricky parts of the migration and let you role back. Plan everything down to the smallest details, it is imperitive that you workout a good namespace so that you can incorporate the other three sites within your forest. Test.test test before you implement too, use VMware and setup a test network if you can.
      Other peoples mistakes are a fact of life unfortunately but i would suggest that if you have to continue with your existing setup you cover the main bases such as making sure that you have all the AD recovery passwords for each DC before you begin ‘tinkering’

      DNS as you know is the cornerstone of MS AD. Without it working properly you get replication issues ad infinitum. How are all the zones wrong?, ie are they setup as root servers or do they pull from else where when they shouldn’t. ie What sort of errors are your DNS servers giving you? is replication working? are the GC’s in the different sites updating all their info correctly? what sort of links have you got between your geographical sites?
      If you give me some of this info perhaps i can point you in the right direction.


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