removing server 2000 from a XP/Server 2000 dual boot system

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i have been trying to find a way to remove the hole of server 2000 for my pc without loosing XP pro SP2 or even just the boot log.. the problem i keep running into is everyone is telling me that its on a partition or a secondary hard drive... but.. its not...

there are no partitions to this hard drive at all... im not the one that put it onto the pc.. so i dont even know how it worked at all..

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can you do this for us?

by Jacky Howe In reply to removing server 2000 from ...

Logon to the 2000 Server.
Click Start, Run and type in <b>cmd</b> and press Enter.

at the command prompt type in <b>cd\</b> and press Enter.

then type in <b>type c:\boot.ini > boot1.txt</b> and press Enter.


Logon to XP.
and do the same as above only change the name of the file to <b>boot2.txt</b>
Post the contents of the two files for us to
have a look at.
< Typo > not enough < b r's > < and spaces >

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While you are at it can you list the Folders on the C Drive?

by OH Smeg In reply to removing server 2000 from ...

There should be 2 Windows Folders though they both may have other names.

Though if you are basing your idea that there is only 1 Partition or HDD on the fact that both report that they are on the C Drive this is how Windows works in a Multi Boot Setup.

It's very uncommon to have 2 different OS on the Same Partition and have them both work correctly.


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by Jellimonsta In reply to While you are at it can y ...

The Server 2000 system volume will be WINNT and XP will be Windows (usually). I agree that both file systems should not be on the same partition.

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