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    Removing Server From Home Network

    by rsiegfried ·


    I have a 12 year old Dell Server running Win 2008 Server at home. The network runs through a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X. At the time that it was setup I ran a home business on that network. A few years ago I moved the business computing needs to my office but kept the network set up rather than spend the time and effort to take it down. However, as the server ages I worry about it crashing and then scrambling to remove it in a hurry. At present there are several hardwired and wireless (through a single Apple Airport Extreme) networked computers, TVs, ring doorbell and other devices networked in. The computers are both Win 10 and Win 8 OS.
    I’m looking for assistance in the steps that I need to take to remove the server and preserve internet access for all of these devices. I’m no networking expert and would appreciate all of the help that I can get in terms of seting changes that need to be made on the Edgerouter X, Apple AirPort Extreme and the individual computers.

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      More needs to be told.

      by rproffitt ·

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      I can’t tell what functions this server is providing. It could be as simple as turning the server of or you could be looking at setting up routers and devices to work as the usual home network setups. I can’t tell from your story if it’s just a turn it off or something deeper.

      What happens when this old server is shutdown?

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        Removing Server From Home Network

        by rsiegfried ·

        In reply to More needs to be told.

        Without the server turned on there is NO access to the internet.

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          Then setup as if it was a new network.

          by rproffitt ·

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          I can’t tell how your Internet and router is setup but the clients would connect to the router in the “classic” home setup if that’s what you want.

          There is rarely a step by step because your current setup is custom it seems but the way to proceed in my view is to start small. Have your client device (PC, etc.) set up just like we would with a classic home network. If you are not comfortable with such work, consider outsourcing the work like you did when this server was first setup.

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