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Removing Spywear manually

By renegade1 ·
How do you protect your network and home PC's from Adwear/Spywear in house effectivley wothout using third party software?

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by pierrejamme In reply to Removing Spywear manually

If you have XP, you can turn on the firewall. But it isn't as good as third party and I see no reason not to use 3rd party.

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by DKlippert In reply to Removing Spywear manually

Both PestPatrol and Ad-Aware are free.

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by TheChas In reply to Removing Spywear manually

1. Disable ALL cookies in your browser.

2. Switch from IE to Mozilla and use the built-in pop-up blocker.

3. Manually search for and remove 'strange' software.

Many spy-ware programs create a link in the run keys in the registry.

You need to delete the keys for the spy-ware programs, along with ALL other registry and system file references to the program.

Next, find and remove ALL files associated with the application.

The advantage of using a 3rd party program is it takes less time, and is more accurate than cleaning out your system manually.

Manually editing the registry can be risky. If you delete or change a critical key, your PC may not boot.

4. Limit the web sites that you visit to those that you KNOW do not use spy-ware.
This includes being cautious with SPAM.


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by wlbowers In reply to Removing Spywear manually

With out the use of antivirus and spywear detectors like spybot you would have to manually do the searches of your system.

This would include the cookies, registery entries, ect.

The task would be tremendous on one computer much less multiples on a network.

Good Luck Lee

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by glenn In reply to Removing Spywear manually

Stop using the internet - the pc
and go back to the Abacus...

ok - enough jokes - -

First I would suggest using something like Adaware and Spybot because they are free and will help youdo what would otherwise take hours upon hours to do manually.

to remove the adaware and spyware manually vist your control panel and uninstall the software from there ...

then run adaware and spybot again...

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by jeff_23_a In reply to Removing Spywear manually

Go to and download startup control panel from
Mike's website. It is a pretty cool program that warn you of
programs that are trying to install themselves with out your

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