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Removing Windows Messenger from system

By tomcox ·
I want to know how how remove windows messenger from my system, since I do not use it.

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by Chris910 In reply to Removing Windows Messenge ...

I have been told that messenger can not be fully removed from the computer because this is how some of the error messages are generated. However one of the tricks is to rename the C:\Program files\mesenger folder. (I think this one came from the guy's at Tech TV)
I went ahead and looked it up here is the microsoft knowlegebase article.;en-us;302089

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by CG IT In reply to Removing Windows Messenge ...

you can also disable the start up of messenger service.

for Windows XP open up the control panel,click on performance and maintenance, click on administrative tools. In administrative tools, double click services. Scroll down to messenger. right click and choose properties. On the properties page under start up type choose disabled from the pull down menu. Click ok. close out all windows. Reboot your computer. This disables Windows Messenger from starting up as a service when your computer starts up.

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by dmiles In reply to Removing Windows Messenge ...

Windows XP and Windows 2000 both have a software program called Windows Messenger installed and loaded by default. This software allows you to send and receive messages directly from one computer to another. Advertisers have now discovered how to abuse this option to send advertisements direct to a users screen.

How do I disable Windows Messenger?

In Windows XP:

(1) Select "Start"
(2) Choose "Control Panel"
(3) Choose "Administrative Tools"
** note in Windows XP Home edition, Admistrative Tools is in Performance and Maintence
(4) Choose "Services"
(5) Right-click on "Messenger"
(6) Select "Stop"
To permanently disable Messenger:
(7) Right click "Messenger"
( Select "Properties"
(9) Change "Startup Type" to "Disabled" and click "OK"

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by wcp In reply to Removing Windows Messenge ...

To remove the Windows Messenger permanently, please refer to the following website.

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by Juergen Hartl In reply to Removing Windows Messenge ...

Do an Internet search for XPantispy . this program can disable all kinds of XP reporting "features" in addition it also removes Messenger from your system. It is Freeware.

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by legends In reply to Removing Windows Messenge ...

Stopping the messaging service will only stop popup using the net send command....

we way i stopped user from having access but me .lol was a script which change the permisson to the messager folder @ C:\program files to allow only my account..

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by Wyrmlord In reply to Removing Windows Messenge ...

Ctrl+F for sysoc.inf;
Find the line that refers to msmsgs;
Delete the word "hide" but leave commas;
Save and close.
You can now uninstall Messenger using the "Add/remove programs". Pay close attention to what the system says requirements in disk space are, because the checkbox does NOT get unchecked. But the Messenger does stop bugging you.
Good luck,

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